Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lamb chops

Here are this weeks specials.

For lunch we have my favorite sandwich. Salami, provolone, cole slaw and Boulevard Pale Ale mustard on rye bread. I've searched the city looking for the exact sandwich in my head, and since I was never able to find it to a T, I had to make it myself. Try it and see if this is what you want from a deli.

The soup is a tomato and thyme bisque. It's smooth, creamy, and those of you who think that tomato insists basil, need to check out what thyme can do to tomato.

For dinner we are still excited about spring. Lamb chops with a ginger, orange marmalade glaze. They are marinaded, they are glazed. Don't worry, I love the taste of lamb, so I'm not covering that up. But there will be other things happening at the same time.