Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chef's Special

This week our Head chef will be on vacation. We have guest chefs hosting all week.

Heather is an organic, local lover who has great ideas and even better dishes. She has history running a distribution company to link local growers to local restaurants. Her passions run deep for ingredients and food.

Brenda is the only vegetarian I have met who loves every vegetable ever, yet can cook meat as well as any hunter. She is an excellent baker and proves it every time she enters the kitchen.

Last but not least is Carmen. Born and raised in Spain, she brings inventive and original ideas to the table as our regular Friday night chef. She is already responsible for making Friday night paella night. And that only scratches the surface of what she can do.

The plan this week is to have specials every lunch and dinner. They will change day by day and meal by meal. But be guaranteed that your server will inform you of what truly wonderful meal that the chef du jour will offer.